Calling all Magento Developers (Freelance)

We are looking for a Magento Developer to help us with 1-2 projects.

We are looking for individuals or small, responsive, agile teams…….so that means NO AGENCIES, or people who have their own team of developers.

We’re searching people who
* Are professional, can work along, can make decisions
* Never compromises on quality (for us this is the MOST essential skill)
* Has a ‘can do’ attitude
* Is thorough instead of quick. We are not interested in guys who are amazingly fast and cheat, so that we need to redo half of their work later!
* Are team players, we work closely with each other, regular meetings, project plans, implementation plans, we do everything together as a team
* Want to improve their skills constantly

Skills Required:
* php5 oop, if you know Zend it is great plus, but not mandatory
* Magento observers
* Magento theme best practises ( local.xml , theme inheritance etc) see above
* Magento rewrite system
* Magento layout system
* Can create backend extensions easily following Magento practises
* Preferably you are fluent in SVN
You will be asked to work with our project manager. if you know REDMINE ( project management tool ) it is a great plus but not mandatory.

Additional Frontend Skills:
If you are an amazing frontend developer as well, then all the better.
* Can you understand and do OOP CSS ?
* Can you use prototype properly, inheriting from existing classes, we do not allow global skoped javascript !
* Pixel perfect design. I mean this, we actually use extensions in the browser and overlap the site with the original design, and you will be asked to fix every tiny little difference.

In your application please provide the following information:

- Tell us about your experience with Magento and your best portfolio pieces with description what you did on them, please provide detailed information about your responsibilities.
- Please give us experience level for each section listed under the requirement section ( 1 – 5, 1 -> being not much, 5-> very experienced )
- How many hours a week you can commit to
- What extensions you have worked with
- What extensions you have developed, please list them and describe them.
- What kind of developer are you ? Please tell us something about yourself, also describe the way of working with code as well as legacy code
- Have you done any Magento training ? Are you certified ?

Thanks a lot in advance for your time and consideration, and please send your application to:
Jason Russell