Philip Kingsley Hair Products

A Bit of Background:

Anyone with an interest in hair and beauty has undoubtedly heard of Philip Kingsley. Famed “The Hair Doctor” by The Times and “The Hair Guru” by The New York Times, Philip Kingsley, born in London, has been a practicing trichological consultant since 1957 and a Fellow and past Chairman of the Institue of Trichology. Amongst his many achievements he even created the product ‘Elasticizer’ specifically for Audrey Hepburn, and has continued to develop a wide range of award-winning hair care products which can be purchased online.

The Challenge:

A new website was needed to enable multi-country operating sites with different currencies to run side by side. Front-end usability and social visibility also needed to be improved, as well as back-end manageability for the marketing team.

The Result:

By creating a simple, consistent look and feel to the new site, which encompassed the UK, USA and South Africa, the Philip Kingsley brand was strengthened with superb results.

JRT have been helping Philip Kingsley with their Digital Marketing for nearly 2 years now and their have been significant improvements in the performance metrics.

Increased SEO and key word activity drove customer conversion to increase by 25% – up now to an average of 69% each month. Utilising the Sweet Tooth loyalty scheme, planned email marketing, pay-per-click campaigns and social media, online awareness of the brand increased significantly. Twitter followers and Facebook ‘likes’ were boosted with Blog articles improving awareness of trichology and the Phillip Kingsley ‘hero’ products. One of the most significant achievements was bringing the company’s ‘hero’ product, Elasticizer, to be the number one ranking on Google at