Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programme

JRT Ecommerce are delighted to be a partner with Sweet Tooth, a company that matches our philipsophy of ensuring customers have the tools to maximise their site’s return on investment.

Their turn-key points and rewards software for your Magento eCommerce store is one of the most flexible rewards system, offering you a completely unique, multi-channel loyalty and rewards program to your customers.

Sweet Tooth will enable you to  attract repeat business and loyal customers that promote your brand. You can reward customers for their purchases and online interactions, such as liking you on facebook, writing a review, answering a poll and referring a friend. In addition,  you can promote repeat sales by defining exactly how customers can earn and spend points. You can even offer products that can only be purchased with points.

Other benefits to improve loyalty and boost sales include turning your customers into advocates and reward them for making referrals or talking about you on social media. You can also let customers send points to each other.

Sweet Tooth also has a multi channel solution called ‘Instore’, which allows you to reward customers in both physical retail locations and in your eCommerce store – using the same loyalty programme and same management console. This powerful tool increases customer retention dramatically across both channels.

All in all there is a Sweeth Tooth application to suit all customer requirements and we prou tdo recommend them as our Magento Loyalty Programme of choice.