Magento Loyalty Programme: Sweet Tooth Rewards

At JRT, we believe in working with good companies who have the same
philosophy as us in terms of making sure the client gets the best possible solution, service and ongoing management.

When looking for a complete Loyalty Programme that was right for the Magento platform, complementing our clients digital marketing strategy, and a company we wanted to partner with, we could find nothing better than Sweet Tooth Rewards.

SweetStandard NoBG 300x124 Magento Loyalty Programme: Sweet Tooth RewardsWe feel that Sweet Tooth is the most powerful customer loyalty solution on Magento, capable of offering our clients the ability to set up and manage their loyalty programs in an easy, inexpensive way. It is also backed up by fantastic support staff, such as their Senior Account Manager Rami Andari, and an extremely flexible interface.

A loyalty programme for our clients makes sense, in simple numbers.  A 5% increase in customer retention increases the average lifetime value of customers by 25%-100%, and Sweet Tooth offers the necessary loyalty tools to achieve these results every year. When managed effectively, a Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programme will lead to a 10% – 15% increase in sales revenue within the first year!

It is continually developing and can help our clients’ business in a number of ways:

1. Keeps customers wanting more

The Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programme allows clients to reward their customers for not only for buying your products, but also signing up to your site, writing a nice review, Facebook “liking” your products, and virtually anything else that’ll help grow your brand.

2. Gets customers to be advocates:

We want customers to love your brand so much that they’ll tell all their friends about it. Sweet Tooth makes this easy and quick through their free referral & affiliate ad-on. Customers can send friends an email, post their unique referral URL on Facebook/Twitter, and even share points with their friends. Clients have noticed a 20% increase in traffic to their online store through the use of our powerful referral capability.

3. Ability to create a bespoke loyalty programme, 100% unique to your store:

Sweet Tooth is totally customisable, and its open source architecture has allowed JRT to completely rebrand Sweet Tooth and make it completely bespoke to our Clients. One such example is Philip Kingsley Haircare Products, who have recently launched the Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programme on their UK site. They have created the ‘PK Points‘ theme to reward their customers and have seen a number of marked improvements come from there their Loyalty Programme. One such improvement is a 40% increase in the number of reviews being completed in site in the last 2 months. The main reason this has occurred is the fact that customers get 15 PK points for each review they write….so a great incentive.

So there you have a snapshot of why we work with, and recommend the Sweet Tooth Loyalty Programme for our clients. If you want to enhance your digital marketing strategy and  learn more about increasing sales through customer loyalty & engagement please dont hesitate to email us: