Social Media Developments

As if the digital marketing world did not have enough to do witheverything thats going on in SEO, PPC, email marketing, loyalty programmes, branding, analytics, social media……. (I could go on but I wont)….another highly talked about social media application/site, Pinterest, comes along to keep us on our toes.

This is the wonderful world of digital that we live in, i.e. continually moving at warp speed (even Mr Zulu would not be able to keep up), we now have to gauge how this latest development in social media can impact on how our clients do business online and beyond. Well I suppose thats why we love what we do……

Anyway, in my search for more information, I came across a great article on Catalogue E-Business, written by Miri Thomas, and how brands are using Pinterest and Instagram.

Hope you enjoy and it sheds some light on these emerging technologies.

Until next time