Social Media Tips & Strategy

On my research travels and came across this great article on called 7 Lessons Social Marketers Need to Learn Right Now. Makes for very interesting reading and stresses that Digital Marketers should update their knowledge at least twice a year.

I would say that we are constantly digital marketing updating our knowledge on an ongoing basis, given the speed at which the industry develops. The 7 Lessons are as follows:

1. Stop staff commenting and tweeting outside of workflow
2. Privacy and data storage are local issues and need local knowledge and advisory
3. Companies need to retrain or even restructure twice a year to keep on top
4. Good practitioners are looking to use their online communities in a variety of ways
5. Social search  will soon become the main mechanism for finding products
6. Build a social  social data strategy, long term
7. Once you have the audience building done, social fits neatly into an overall campaign strategy

Read the article A nice refresh to ensure we adhere to best practice and reminding us that less is more and to keep it simple.