Philip Kingsley Loyalty Scheme Case Study

We value our partnerships very highly at JRT, and none more so that with our Loyalty Programme partners, Sweet Tooth. Many of our clients have benefitted from this fabulous solution, which seemless plugs into Magento.

Our luxury haircare client, Philip Kingsley have been running the programme for over 2 years now and have benefitted from the incredible array of options Sweet Tooth provides to incentive customers to engage with a site. This includes offering points for creating an account, writing a review, referring a friend, answering a poll and even likin on Facebook. The next development for Philip Kingsley, which is soon to be launched, will give them even more capability to reward their customer on a social level, from following on Twitter, Google +ing, and Pinning on pinterest. In addition,. this will have a powerful impact on their SERPs as well especially given that Google recent algorythym change, which focusses on social conversations.

Working with the fabulous team at Sweet Tooth, headed up by Steve Deckert, we have created a case study for everyone to see the impact the installation of the Sweet Tooth Reward Loyalty Programme can have.

Click here to view the Philip Kingsley Case Study.

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